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If a gamer is here, then he/she definitely heard about the game Cookie Clicker. If not then don’t worry, you will learn everything you need to about this game from this website. However, before going through about what we do in detail, you will need to understand this single player game in detail. So, let’s start with the gameplay before moving on to cookie clicker cheats!

Cookie Clicker

This game was published in 2013 and is an incremental game which Julien Thiennot, a French programmer created it. It is one of the most essential and first game of this genre which holds a massive fanbase. This game was created in just one night but is regularly updated to keep bugs and issues of it.


The first thing a player will have to do is click on a large cookie which is displayed on the left side of his/her display. This helps one to earn a cookie every time he/she clicks. With an ample amount of cookies, each player can buy buildings like farms, cursor, grandmas, etc. which automatically create cookies.

One can purchase upgrades by gathering all these cookies from numerous buildings and exchanging them. However, these take a lot of time; hence, we developed cookie clicker cheats that help gamers to easily such cookies for quick upgrading. 

Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies in this game. Some appear over time and fade away within several seconds. These appear as smaller cookies, golden cookies, etc. These appear periodically on the screen. Also, grants bonus cookies as well as increases production rate for a limited time period.

To do well in this game, one will have to keep a lookout for these. Also, after collecting a substantial amount of cookie clicker golden cookie and other types, a player can restart this game which will grant him/her prestige as well as heavenly chips. This will add a permanent boost to one’s cookie production rate in future continuously in playthroughs.

This game’s other mechanics include prestige upgrade which one can unlock with heavenly chips. Also, there are ‘wrinklers’, minigames, and cookie dragon, which increases cookie production even when the game is closed by a player.

This is where we come into the scenario as we provide cookie clicker unlimited cookies!

What do we do?

Our website offers cookie clicker hack. It helps in earning a colossal amount of cookies with just a few clicks. We have created this hacked website which helps players to get whatever resource they need to do exceptionally well in this game. All one requires is putting his/her username that he/she uses in Cookie Clicker game and hit submit.

By following this step, a player will receive an unlimited amount of golden cookies, heavenly chips, increase prestige, and more. Apart from these, in this way we assist you to even receive an upgrade on your Android and iOS phones too. Therefore, our cookie clicker cheats 2019 work the best.


1. Geometric-growth

This game features a geometric growth. To put it in simple words, a player starts with simple baking a few amounts of cookies. However, he/she can reach to billion cookies quite quickly with our cookie clicker hacks. This leads them to eventually reaching duodecillions cookies or even more than that.

2. Never ending game

This is a never-ending game. Unlike other games, there is no limited episodes or things like that. Hence, a player can keep on playing this game all his/her life without worrying about reaching the end.

3. Simplistic hacks

Due to its simplistic code, add-ons, cheats, and more available easily more players opt for this game on a daily basis. Our job is to offer a gamer to achieve all thee using cookie clicker cheats in the simplest way possible.

Themes of this game

This game comes with dark humor not just in its names but also in its descriptions of achievements, upgrades, mechanics, etc. moreover, it has general themes of cosmic horror, apocalypse, and cosmic horror.

For example, if a player owns 100 factories or more, he/she receives an achievement which offers the player title ‘Global Warming’. Also, there is one news ticker tape which reads “New cookie-based religion sweeps the nation”.

Moreover, cookie clicker hack opens up “Grandmapocalypse”; in this gamers’ screen turns to molten red. In addition, to the molten red, phallic “wrinklers” attack central cookie. In addition to all these, the world is taken over by mutated grandmothers who have a hive mind.

Devices on which hacks available

Most of the people play this game either on their mobile devices or PC. Each device has a different procedure for getting hacks. Our cookie clicker mobile hacks are ideal and guarantee success to a player. There are numerous ways to use a hack in this game. However, the way we offer it is the most simple and easy to achieve. Our method can be used by even non-tech savvy people easily without much hassle.

To use our procedure to all you need is to do is visit this website from a smartphone or PC and input your gaming username. This is the best way to use cookie clicker cheats 2019 which offers one a successful endeavor in this game.

1. Android

People using Android OS for this game should have a minimum of 1.41 version or above it to play this game. Having this version or above will help a player to have access to all our cheats that will make receiving cookies of all types quite easy. However, you will need to go through our cookie clicker cheats android to get the correct codes for implementing this hack and leveling up quickly. Hence, use our cookie clicker cheats android for ideal results.

2. iOS phones

iPhones use iOS operating system, so this game can be played any iPhone too as long as it’s OS is 8 or more. Similar to the Android version, we have created hacking codes for this OS efficiently so that none of the players worldwide faces any problem. All one requires is to get our cookie clicker cheats ios and put his/her username and submit it. Within a few minutes, one’s account will receive an ample amount of cookies and more. 

Unlimited cookies through our service

One of the pitfalls of this game is that cookies don’t generate enough to reach the highest of levels. This is a problem which every player faces when playing this game. Through our cookie clicker hack and codes, we solved this issue. Our hack will help any player to get an unlimited amount of cookies that will increase his/her level. It is something which we are proud to offer to all our visitors.

With our genius staff, we were successful in providing cookie clicker unlimited cookies that enhance the gameplay as well as experience of the player. Our process makes this game even more exciting for all.

Generating cookies

By our cookie clicker hack, a gamer generates cookies in this game. We have found a method to generate cookies through code. We saw the struggles of the players and hence hired people who can help in generating cookies for this game quite easily. We have dedicated a part of our life in developing this website which generates cookies for free as long as they want to continue playing this game.

Through our cookie clicker code generator, one can now easily generate cookies that go directly to their gaming account. Hence, we always get a large number of players who visit our website to gain access to such benefits.

Getting cheats in this game

Well, we have developed various cheats for the players according to their need. Sometimes a player might need simple cookies or special ones like golden or smaller cookies for an extra bonus. While we were creating this, we kept in mind every possibility that would help a player to cheat.

Depending on the need, players can select what he/she needs after providing us with the gaming username. Once, it is determined what one requires, our sophisticated hacks generate what they need and offer them a complete solution. So, there is no elaborate process of how to cheat in cookie clicker; just provide us with your information and our hacks will do the rest.

Cookie clicker 2

This is the sequel of the game cookie clicker. Many players have transferred to playing this sequel we observed. Hence, while creating this website, we kept that in mind too. So, our cookie clicker 2 hack generator offers solutions to the sequel too. Even in the second installment of this game, we know what one would require to play this game without much issue and provided them with that.

Here also, from normal cookies to special ones, a player can achieve it all with our cookie clicker 2 hack. For this too, all one needs is to provide us the username of this game and submit it in this website after mentioning what one needs and how much.

Codes used

We have used a number of coding aspects to create the best cookie clicker hack in this world for this game. Our expert hackers went through this game minutely and then created this website which has become the go-to cheat website for all players. Through our cheat codes, an individual will have the best resources in this world.

Imagine this, every resource is unlimited. That means think how quickly you can earn heavenly chips and prestige and rise in this game. We are offering you the easiest way to become one of the best player using our cookie clicker codes.

Tips and tricks

Well, the gameplay is mentioned above at the beginning. So, one understands that it is essential to earn cookies by clicking on the cookie which is present on the screen’s left side. However, look at the tips of becoming better at it along with using our cookie clicker hack!

  • First of all, never miss the opportunity of clicking on special cookies like golden or smaller ones which offer bonus points and abilities. It will help a person to further his/her cause within a short period.
  • Reaching achievements is vital not just for increasing rank but also to earn rewards. These rewards are special which also plays a part in increasing one’s level in game. This is one of the most essential cookie clicker tips of this game.
  • Upgrading is a must. Through hacks and other methods always ensure that you are upgrading your gameplay. From owning more factories to other things, helps in gaining reputation which in turn helps to upgrade.

Following these will help you enjoy the game more and also help you learn when to use cookie clicker hack.

Game mod

This helps in modifying the game to the second part cookie clicker. It is a simulator of a bakery where a player is invited to click on screen for collecting ample cookies as well as chocolates that appear automatically. Also, in this, players are given a chance of catching iridescent cookies.

Every fan of the first game will definitely love this as it helps fans in killing time whenever they need to. Also, our cookie clicker mod helps in earning unlimited amount of money which can be used for upgrading and more by players.

Infinite cookies

As aforementioned, the primary goal of this game is to have billions of cookies and more. So, through this website that what we are providing it to all. Clicking cookies helps in retaining colossal amount; however, how long can you continue to do that.

Thus we created this application that helps in receiving unlimited cookies simply by using cookie clicker infinite cookies cheats. Even when you are not playing, once you submit your details, we will send you necessary resources which will be present in your account when you play the game.

Free service

Want to know why we are so popular among this player’s community? It is because we don’t charge anything for our services. There are many hacks available on different websites. However, people prefer coming to us as we are the ones who don’t ask for any money or data to offer you unlimited resources.

Also, our hacks work adequately every time. So, why wouldn’t people come to us for cookie clicker free service? Through us, gamers get the best resource gathering service for free and without any hassle — moreover, our easy procedure to receive this beat every other competition. 

Console commands

We understand the need for people to use different hacks when playing this game. Hence, we also, provide this website a way to use console commands to cheat on this game. For Windows as well as Mac PC, we provide a detailed guide as to how to use these commands for better performance of the game as well as collecting cookies.

We created a cookie clicker console cheat that helps players to gather resources even when they restart their game to receive prestige and heavenly chips. All these come together to offer the best experience to people playing this incremental game.


One can earn achievements by simply completing tasks provided to them such as owning a specific number of buildings or producing a given number of cookies. In addition, there are seasonal events which take place at different times with respective holidays. These seasonal times offer ample upgrades as well as cookies which are unlocked.

Some of the achievements include wake and bake, so baked right now, affluent bakery, fledgling bakery, etc. are some of the common ones. Some of the rare ones which are hard to get includes set for life, hungry for more, just about full, etc. All these achievements even the rare ones you can easily receive when using our cheats for cookie clicker all achievements.

Why should you use our cheats and hacks?

There are multiple reasons as to why most players around the world choose our cookie clicker cheats. Compatibility with every platform is one of the most essential reasons for our demand in this community. Hence, irrespective of any gadget one carry, we offer services that will help in cookie creation and more.

With our assistance, you can easily gain fame and more that will satisfy you greatly. From bonus points to rare achievements you can get it all with our aid. However, below are a few jotted points that show why you should use our cookie clicker codes every time.

  • Earning cookies easily

One of the reasons why people love our hacks is that we offer a way through anyone can generate cookies easily. The more cookies one has, the better than chances of earning heavenly chips and prestige along with other achievements which are hard to conquer without using cheats. With our help, you will reach the top of this game in no time and compete among the best of the best.

  • Generating rare items

Another reason why people love using our cookie clicker hack 2019 is that we just don’t offer them to generate cookies. Many websites offer just ordinary cookies and not the special ones which are why we are the forerunners in this industry.

We offer them rare golden and smaller ones too which in the game appears after long periods and exists for a short time. With our assistance, we can provide these rare cookies which doubles up one’s scores easily without any issue.

  • Virus free

Going through any website where such offers are provided, a ton of virus attacks the system of the player when he/she tries to use it. However, this is not the case for anyone using our cookie clicker cookie cheat. We ensure that there are no virus attacks on people’s phones or other devices and take necessary precautions to eliminate all bugs that can be harmful to a device.

  • No issues of legality

One of the questions which most players think is that whether it is illegal to download ample cookies and other bonuses in this game. We ensured that this game has an anti-ban feature which helps you stay away from any trouble.

With our assistance, it will appear that you have bought all cookies and other bonuses with real money without having to spend even a single dime. Hence, one can simply keep generating cookies over time without arousing any suspicion.

  • Auto update

We understand that it is not possible for everyone to manually update everything. Hence, we have used tools which updates our cookie clicker cheat code whenever it is necessary without the players having to face any issues or hassle.

  • Stocking up

We ensure that your account is always stocked up with cookies so that there are no issues when you start playing this game or want to upgrade it is why we invented cookie clicker cheat code. Our goal is to keep a minimum amount of cookies in your account always so that you can play the game and increase your buildings whenever you want without having to wait even for a second to receive resources.

  • Multiple platforms compatible

Our cookie clicker iPhone cheat along with Android and PC version, helps this hack to be compatible with all platforms. We understood that people play this game on iPhone, Android Smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc. which is why when building this website, we created using codes that makes this hack compatible with every device possible.

  • No additional software

One of the biggest reason to use our hack is that there is no need for people to download and install any additional software. This keeps space free in one’s device and helps one to play without having to have the technical knowledge of how to hack in cookie clicker. All you need is just input username and enjoy the benefits.

So, why wait anymore? Get our cookie clicker hack immediately. With our help, you will be able to become the best player in the world. Just try it today for a great gaming experience!